How can I clean Emanui?

It is really easy to clean. Emanui can be fully disassembled so you can clean each part separately. Use hot water to thoroughly clean the inside of the silicone body. You can also add a bit of soap. You can repeat the operation for the clamping ring and the lid to remove bacteria. Do not forget to rinse all residues and soap. 

How can I clean & sterilise if I do not have access to drinkable water?

Fill up Emanui at home before you go outside or use drinkable water from a bottle.

Why microwave oven?

You can sterilise Emanui in the microwave oven because it is the most sustainable way to do it. It consumes the smallest amount of energy compared to the oven.

What if I don't have a microwave oven?

No worries! If you don't have a microwave oven you can sterilise Emanui and your menstrual cup in the traditional way, meaning in a boiling pot. 

Things you should not do with Emanui!

Do not use for drinking purpose!

Do not put Emanui in an oven to sterilise your cup!

Do not use to store liquids!

Do not leave Emanui next to flames or an intense source of heat!

How should I store Emanui between each menstrual cycle?

Before storing Emanui away please make sure that Emanui is dry (inside and outside). Emanui should preferably have the small orange cap open and lid unscrewed to avoid the development of moisture and bacteria.

Bubbles appearing during cleaning menstrual cup with Emanui?

No need to worry! It is caused by the cleaning movements (squeezing & shaking).

DIs water enough to clean my cup with Emanui?

Yes! We follow the recommendations of menstrual cup brand providers, which advise to use only water as residue of soap can cause irritations.