1st cleaning with Emanui, what should I do?

Before the first cleaning, make sure that all parts are assembled correctly. Before using in real condition sterilise Emanui to ensure that no dust remains inside. 

When trying out Emanui for the first time, we recommend using it at home in order to get accustomed to the new experience in a comfortable environment.

How long should I clean my menstrual cup with Emanui?

To ensure proper cleaning we recommend to your clean menstrual cup with Emanui for around 1 minutes. Please see more details in the storyboard above.

What if there is no sink to clean the menstrual cup?

No need to worry! You can use any drinkable water to clean your menstrual cup with Emanui.

Do I need cold or hot water to clear my menstrual cup with Emanui?

You should preferably use lukewarm water to ensure the best cleaning.